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PEMF Therapy in Orlando

How PEMF therapy works

Many clinical trials have demonstrated that PEMF works by stimulating cells electrically, magnetically, chemically, and physically.

How PEMF therapy affects the body

PEMF therapy increases cellular membrane permeability by mechanically contracting the cells and by stimulating the opening of ion channels through the cell membrane. This allows better circulation of oxygen and nutrients into the cells; and, carbon dioxide and waste products out of the cells. PEMF therapy also improves cell metabolism by stimulating the opening of ion channels in the cell membrane. PEMF therapy reduces swelling, relaxes muscles, decreases nerve irritability, stimulates tissue healing, strengthens bones and promotes fracture healing. PEMF therapy reduces pain and inflammation as well as it promotes nerve regeneration, muscle relaxation and immune system response. PEMF therapy helps the body’s natural processes and promotes healing.